Best Practices

odc.stac can operate on STAC items with only minimal information present, however user experience is best when following information is included: data_type and nodata from Raster Extension, proj:{shape,transform,epsg} from Projection Extension.

For a full list of understood extension elements see table below.

Raster Extension


used to determine output pixel type


used when combining multiple items into one raster plane


passed on as an attribute (can be useful for further processing)

[planned] scale, offset

currently ignored, but will be supported in the future

Projection Extension


contains image size per asset


contains geo-registration per asset


contains native CRS

proj:wkt2, proj:projjson

can be used instead of proj:epsg for CRS without EPSG code

Electro Optical Extension


used to assign an alias for a band (use red instead of B04).


Items from the same collection are assumed to have the same number and names of bands, and bands are assumed to use the same data_type across the collection.

It is assumed that Assets within a single Item share common native projection.